commissioned paintings

Commissioned Works Are Pricy But They Are Long-Term Investments

commissioned paintings

Commissioned works that have in mind art for art’s sake for both creator and patron will come in different forms. The most traditional work will remain the oil painting for now. Of course, other mediums continue to be used quite vigorously. There are your acrylics, pastels, watercolors, chalk and charcoal. But the oiled painting remains as popular as ever. The materials give off endless creative possibilities for the artist. And there is a tendency for their patrons to have a better appreciation for its finishes.

Commissioned works come in different forms. Aside from paintings and drawings, there are public murals and sculptures of different sizes and materials, from marble or stone to absolute bronze. The use of bronze is quite popular amongst contemporary artists and their modern aesthetes, where realism is often deliberately distorted. Most people shy away from purchasing paintings and sculptures, never mind commissioning a fine artist to produce something for them. In many cases, they have been quite right.

It is quite expensive. But in recent years, contemporary patrons, recently established in their own businesses, have begun to turn the collection of commissioned paintings into something of a fine art as well. These fortunate folks have gone beyond the aesthetic treatment. They are now looking at these paintings as rarer investment vehicles. They understand that they paid so much for the commissioned work. But somehow or another, they envisage that some years from now, the artistic work will have increased substantially in monetary value.

What would the purist make of this attitude? He may shriek. He may suggest that you simply cannot put a price on valuable art. For art to realize its true value, surely it can only be created for art’s sake.